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Flashback to the eighties...

I grew up with a momma who was self-employed. She was a realtor for more than thirty years, and I saw her work herself to the bone trying to build her business. She was constantly exhausted and never had time for herself. She always seemed to be juggling multiple balls in the air all of the time. It wasn't until she hired a personal assistant that she began to find margin in her life. After that point, she was able to be more involved in my life, including attending school events and field trips with my class. She felt like she had more of a handle on work-life balance, too.

Like my mom, I became a busy worker bee myself as I grew to adulthood. Working full-time as a public school teacher, while also working in my virtual assisting business at home, I was busy busy busy around the clock....and I began to experience burnout. Working + caring for my family + spinning wheels at work + lack of basic self-care = one exhausted and neglected Carrie. In an attempt to gain control over my life, I began to give up on the dreams I had and tried to basically quit everything besides my full time job and family duties. But quitting on my dreams did not bring my fulfillment. Instead, I felt isolated and frustrated. 

The lessons of my momma's self-employment and my own experiences have taught me so much. At the beginning of 2017, I declared the year to be the year of dreaming and simplifying. I began to once again work on dreaming and preparing to re-launch my business. I also worked on learning and implementing simplifying and self-care strategies into every area of my life. I am a work in progress, but I am feeling SO much better now.

I am constantly having to work towards effective work-life balance. Margin is often hard to come by, especially when you have an older child with extra curricular activities and a baby who has ever changing needs! If anyone understands the need for good self-care, it is me. :)

Learning to take care of myself better and to simplify my life has become a passion of mine. As a type-A, organized teacher who loves to help others, I have become obsessed with spreading the message to everyone else that you don't have to do it all and that it is okay to ask for help. Asking for help is NOT admitting defeat!

I'm thrilled to be able to help other super-busy women and business owners take some of the stress out of their lives. Being a virtual assistant, to me, means that I am there to partner with you to help you learn how to focus on what is essential to your life and find ways to simplify your life and your business. In addition, I love showing my clients just how important self-care really is.

Are you a busy woman or business owner who is overwhelmed, overworked and looking for a break? Do you need some help with the details and don't know where to turn? Look no further! Click below to set up a clarity call to find out more about the services I offer that can help you alleviate some stress.