Stop using PayPal, Venmo or Cash App when getting paid in your business!

Are you still taking payments on the fly?


Raise your hand if you're a creative who is using Venmo or Cash App (or even Paypal) to receive payments? 

You need to stop! 

I know it's scary and annoying to try something new. But trust me here...

If you're wanting to really WOW clients and bring in more of your dream clients, then you NEED to get a good CRM (customer relationship manager) system in place.

This will allow you to create custom proposals for potential clients, send invoices, get contracts sent and signed name it, you can do it. 

AND it can be automated! Hallelujah!

I highly recommend Dubsado (#obsessed) but there are plenty of other CRM's out there that are great, too (Honeybook and 17Hats to name a couple).

If you're not good with systems or details, do not fear! I am here to help you! 

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