Wowing your clients with amazing customer service


I was having a recent conversation with one of my Dubsado setup clients. She gave me the most wonderful compliment, where she said she was so surprised by how easy and smooth it was to work with me. She went on to talk about how grateful she was for my open communication style and how she was so happy she didn’t have to chase me down for answers or information.

Then, she went on to discuss how she had been let down and burned before when she tried to outsource or hire people to do tasks or setups for her business. This literally broke my heart.

And as an online business manager (and former virtual assistant), i have to say this is not the first time I have heard this. Literally every one of my current and former clients has shared with me some horror story about being let down, taken advantage of, or ghosted by a service provider they had hired.

And this REALLY upsets me, the more that I think about it.

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You know, being a decent human being and providing great customer service REALLY ISN’T THAT HARD!

That being said, here are some tips on what I do to go above and beyond to provide amazing customer service for my clients.

Communicate effectively and consistently

This is one of the BIGGEST complaints I hear in my circles and from clients who have worked with service providers in the past. They tell me they do not hear from them for weeks after paying for a service. This is simply not acceptable, ya’ll! Unless a client specifically requests for me to not do this (which has happened), then I send messages via Voxer or messenger to my clients every 48 hours or so to let them know the progress of the project. I also provide video updates if needed so they can see progress and provide feedback. Doing this can help clients feel secure, and it builds trust, too!

Go above and beyond what is required

Going above and beyond is absolutely a great way to build a raving fan for your business (and brings in referrals, too!). I will often add in some extras into a project (even though it’s not specifically stated in the contract) simply because I may see it as beneficial for my client. You can even consider giving them a bonus add-on to a system setup, or provide a great extra (maybe one of your opt-in’s or freebies) that could benefit them once the working relationship or contract ends. Think of ways you can go above and beyond and wow them. Trust me, if you do, the referrals will start rolling in.

Ask for feedback and make changes accordingly

At the end of every project or working relationship, I always provide a detailed video overview of the project and I ask for feedback. I let the clients know up front this is coming, and that I want to hear from them and their thoughts. I then take the time to make edits, fix problems, and add things in that may have gone missing. Listening to your clients and making them feel heard is VITAL. Sometimes, as service providers, we forget how scary investing in something can be. Giving them a chance to feel like you really care and are willing to help them can go a long way .

Have you experienced a negative experience with hiring someone to help you in your business? If so, what are some things you wish they would’ve done to make the experience better? I’d love to hear from you!


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