5 Simple Steps to Simplify Your Life

Do you know exactly how it feels? The sense of overwhelm...the trapped feeling you get when you have so many things to do or goals/dreams you want to accomplish, but NO IDEA on where to begin?

Sometimes we feel this way and the thing(s) we need to do feel like being tasked with eating an elephant. It can seem incredibly overwhelming. And for many of us, we get stuck here and do NOTHING.

But simplifying your life is absolutely attainable and (I would argue) necessary to move from surviving to thriving. Below, I am going to share 5 simple steps you can take to simplify your life right now.

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Check Your Schedule

What does your schedule look like? Do you feel like it is easily managed and brings life to your family and home? Or are you running around ragged trying to make things happen every day! One of the things we did as a family when we began our simplifying journey was to take a good, hard look at our schedule. And that meant getting rid of some of our commitments because it didn't benefit us or bring more value to our lives as a whole. 

Learn to say NO

This is SO so hard for me, so I understand if it is for you, too. Saying no to people (or to really cool things or activities) isn't easy. But it can greatly benefit you and your family. Before committing to something, ask yourself: Can I really give myself fully to this, and will it be a benefit to others and to my family? If not, then it might not be the right time for you to take on more commitments. No is not a dirty word. It can be incredibly freeing for you and for your family (and your schedule, too!).

Keep What You Value

When it comes to stuff, I am always amazed at how many of us don't even realize all that we actually own! When we sold our house that we owned for over ten years, we ended up giving away SO MUCH STUFF because we simply couldn't move it. This made moving incredibly stressful for us, and our final cleanout actually took several days, because we kept finding more stuff! Things just got hidden over the years. Now that we are settled in our new home, we have taken on a more minimalist approach and plan to not bring in as much stuff. 

Do you know what stuff you have? How much of it you have? I suggest only bringing in new items that actually bring pleasure to you and have value to you in some way. :) If not, consider donating it or selling it online! Decluttering is your best friend, ya'll!!

Get Your Priorities In Check

What is really important to you? If you're like I was, maybe you're just living life one day to the next. Surviving, but not thriving. I'm queen of doing all the right things and putting everyone else before myself. But sometimes we need a good, swift kick in the rear to wake us up. What is important to you? To your family? What do you want out of life? Make a list of these things, and think of ways to make those things happen. Again, it'll require you to make some tough choices about your schedule and you may have to say no a time or two...but it'll be worth it!

Start Journaling

One way that I have worked to simplify my life is to value the art of journaling. I process and think best through writing, not speaking aloud, so this came naturally to me. Journaling has been a huge benefit to simplifying my mind...it allows me to get my thoughts out onto paper, and really declutter my thoughts. Sometimes I feel like my mind has 25+ tabs open, and they are all running at the same time. That feeling is overwhelming, so getting these thoughts out really helps me to simplify and feel less stressed.

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Do you feel like you're struggling with all the things? You're not alone, my friend. I have been there...and I am still on the journey. It's a process, not a destination. But I promise you, when you begin to make the small steps to simplify your life, you'll end up feeling better, healthier, and more whole than ever before. You'll begin to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE. 

And we were made for more than just survival more, my friend.

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