How in the world do you implement systems?!

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We’ve been spending some time over the last few weeks talking about systems. We’ve overviewed what they are and why you need them in your business (and in your life)!

I can tell you that even as an organized person myself, I spent (and sometimes still do) a lot of time flying by the seat of my pants.

Flying by the seat of my pants looks like this:

  • Not having plans for dinner and panicking about what to eat at 6 PM

  • Not managing my time well, and rushing to get things done

  • Missing out on networking opportunities because I was not prepared appropriately

I believe the reason we all avoid implementing good systems is because getting started can seem overwhelming.

But I promise you, when you actually get into it, it’s not that bad! And it can radically change your life.

So, HOW can you begin to implement systems into yout business and life, so things can begin to get a bit easier for you (and you can become more productive)?

Consider doing the following:

  • Track your time for a week. Write down what you’re doing each day. See how much time is wasted and how much time is being useful for the tasks you need to get done.

  • Start time blocking. Set aside a specific time each day to do the things you have to get done. Set the schedule for each task in a paper calendar or on a digital one (I even set reminders on my iCalendar!)

  • Look for ways to automate tasks in your business. Consider using tools like Buffer, IFFT, Later, or Zapier to automatically post things to your social media. Use a system like Dubsado or 17Hats to automate things for your customers (invoicing, contracts, emails, etc).

  • Create and write down procedures (also called workflows) for each important task in your business. Write down the steps for each task (e.g. if you onboard clients in a specific way, write down ALL THE THINGS that need to happen when you’re doing this). Why is this important? Because what if you’re sick, you need to go out of town, or you want to hire someone to begin doing these tasks? It makes it SO MUCH EASIER for you and that person if you have a great system in place already!

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I know creating and implementing systems can be overwhelming, especially if it’s not something that comes naturally to you. You don’t need to be manually doing #allthethings in your business.  

Consider trying out the above steps (if you haven’t already) and see how you feel.

Send me a message and let me know how you feel about your systems? If you need tips, let me know. I am happy to help!

Have a great day. XOXO!