Top 3 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Biz

Is staying on task an issue for you in your biz (or in your personal life)? Trying to maintain focus + getting things done is super difficult, especially for us work at home ladies! I want to share some of my tried and true tips to help you stay focused and increase productivity in your biz!

1. Start time-blocking on your calendar.

Do you feel like you do a ton in your biz and in your life all day long, but you have NO IDEA what you actually accomplished (or if you really got anything done at all)? Time blocking has seriously saved my sanity and helps me stay on track!

When you start time blocking, you simply add in specific tasks into time slots on your calendar (you can use a paper calendar OR digital one). Then, you perform those tasks at the intended times on the calendar! If you use a digital calendar, I highly recommend setting a reminder to pop up on your phone for each task! This will help you stay on track and get the tasks done when they need to be completed!

Time blocking has helped me greatly increase productivity and stay on track. I thrive best when I have a schedule and am able to get WAY more done when I follow it. I find I am much more easily distracted when I do NOT follow my schedule, and I get way less done when I simply try to do things on my own.

**Below is a picture of my digital calendar. I time block and color code tasks for my biz and my family/personal life.** :)

2. Quit multi-tasking.

Seriously, ya'll. If you want to increase productivity, you need to stop trying to multi-task. Various research shows that multitasking actually lowers productivity. Instead, if you want to increase productivity, you need to focus on one task at a time. As I mentioned above, if you're using time blocking to create your daily/weekly schedule, make sure you only focus on one task at a time. I know this can be hard for us busy ladies, but it is so important if you want to actually complete items and feel accomplished!

3. Automate as much as your can!

Automation has helped me stay on track as a busy wife, mom, and biz owner. I could not accomplish staying visible on social media, managing client needs, and maintaining my home without it! I highly suggest automating social media by scheduling posts to instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. You can use apps/websites like Later, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc., which are wonderful and help you to share content to multiple places at one time! It is a serious time saver. If you are using Pinterest to increase traffic to your website or online store, I highly suggest using Tailwind, which is a great scheduler for Pinterest pins. 

For your home, I suggest automating your dinners! I often use my crockpot and instant pot, and they are both lifesavers in making dinners simple and easy.  These tools allow you to fix it and forget it, literally! Dinner used to be such a hassle...and now, I can make simple, easy, and healthy meals at a fraction of the time. 

Do you find yourself wishing you had more tools, ideas and tricks to use in your biz to help simplify + automate it even more? If so, click below to get access to my FREE list, "Systems to Simplify Your Biz + Your Life." Seriously, this list is a MUST for any biz owner looking to simplify and increase productivity in their personal and professional life!

Do you have any systems or strategies you use to help increase productivity in your biz + your life? Share them in the comments! I can't wait to learn some new tricks from you, friend!



Carrie Flynn