Increase your productivity with batch scheduling!

Anyone else struggle with productivity?

Even as a pretty organized person, productivity is an area I need to grow in. I have so many moving parts in my life, that if I don’t have a good plan in place and follow it, I can end up being super busy but not actually getting a whole lot accomplished.

One tip that was given to me by my business coach is to consider batch scheduling.

Batch scheduling is where you spend a specific amount of time working on a a large amount of one type of task or project so that you have a good amount done and don’t need to focus on it daily.

For example, you can use batch scheduling in your social media marketing, You can create a large amount of content, graphics, or posts for a specific period of time.

When I batch schedule my social media content, I focus on one social media site at a time. Recently I worked on my instagram posts, and created the posts, added graphics, and hashtags for a month’s worth of posts. By spending an hour or so on this, I was able to knock it out for the month and focus on other important things in my business.

You can use batch scheduling for other things as well, like creating emails for an automation or funnel, email campaigns, or creating content for an upcoming course you’d like to launch.

The options for batch scheduling are endless.

I know the idea of batch scheduling goes against the popularity of multitasking. However, I think so many of us have relied on multitasking for too long, and it is causing us to suffer and not be able to get the right things done (and done well) in our business.

So…I encourage you to consider employing this tactic for your business. It will help you get so much done in one area of your business, which frees up time for you. And time equals money!

Have you considered multitasking? If so….did it work for you?

Shoot me a message or leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!