Simplify your launch plans with Trello

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When you’re thinking about launching a course, mastermind, etc….especially for the first time, planning and executing are the absolute hardest things to get started!

Most of the time, you have all these ideas swimming in your head, but you’re unsure where to begin.

And then come the post-its and notebooks…ideas everywhere but no real detailed, organized plan that has due dates and assignments for your team. And this is where mistakes can be made.

One way you can fix this is by using a project management tool to help organize each phase of your launch plan. Why do you need this? Because you need to keep all of your ideas, content links, assignments and due dates in ONE PLACE to decrease overwhelm, simplify the process, and ensure no mistakes are made!

I’m using Trello as my example here (see below).

You can create a board (like the one below) Where you can add lists for each important part of your launch phases. These can include (but not limited to)

  • General overview list with goals for the launch, team members and task assignments

  • Key launch dates list

  • Weekly review/goal dates list for each week of the launch

  • Freebie/opt-in list

  • Webinar plan/list - includes links to content for webinar, key dates, task assignments, etc

  • Facebook Ads list - includes links to content, graphics, data testing info, etc.

  • Emails + Automation Funnel list - includes links to content, funnel plan, etc.

  • Sales Page list - includes content, links, etc.

  • Course or Mastermind list

  • End of Launch Review List

(see below for a real-time example of what this can look like!)

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 10.14.09 AM.png

Using something like Trello (or another project management tool) can help you to keep all of your ideas and plans in one place.

When you try and do things on paper, sometimes your ideas end up disorganized, and you lose key important items.

Simplifying by using a launch board can help you to not only keep all of your ideas in one place, but you can seamlessly move through the entire launch processes with ease. This means you can get some of your time back, and your stress level will decrease!

Have you ever used something like Trello before? If so, let me know which tool and how it is working for you (or not). I’d love to hear from you!

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