I'm not going to make my income goal this year.

I’m here admitting that I have failed.

Yup. I said it. failure.

We are closing in on September and if things continue, I will not make my income goal for 2019.

I started out in January with a goal to increase my income from my business by 50% based on last year.

Right now, I am not even sure if I will match my 2018 income.

That feels really heartbreaking and embarrassing for me to admit.

So what are the reasons why I didn’t make the goal thus far?

  • I wasn’t clear in my services and who I wanted to serve.

  • I didn’t make marketing my daily focus for the first six months of the year.

  • I wasn’t using productivity systems in place that I knew could help me complete daily tasks to reach my bigger goals.

  • My mindset was stuck in thinking I couldn’t realistically achieve my goals.

So….how do you handle failure and keep moving forward?

As an educator, I always tell my students that failure is good and that we can use it to help us move forward and try again. But living into that reality is HARD, especially when you’re an achiever , like me, who wants to master things FAST and get to the end goal ASAP!

What am I doing to correct this and move forward?

  • First, I had to realize the truth that I hadn’t given everything I could to market myself well. I was hiding and not sharing about my business or what I had to offer. People can’t find you if you aren’t putting yourself out there! So, I have begun making visibility and marketing a huge focus of my business. I make time for it every single day. I follow up with leads each week.

  • Second, I invested in myself and joined a mastermind and paid membership group. Both the coaching, mastermind, and group have given me the external accountability I need to help grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. We simply cannot do this alone and I knew I needed that extra support to help me get better at business!

    Finally, I started taking my own advice. I needed a routine and system to help me manage my daily tasks, bigger goals, and family needs. I couldn’t ignore what I was preaching to my clients. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I TOO need a good productivity system! I am currently working on a daily routine and seeing how it works for me and my family. I also just started using ClickUp to see how it can help me manage my projects.


So, overall….admitting my failure isn’t easy. And I can assume that it isn’t for you, too. But once I admitted it to myself, I was able to figure out what to learn from it.

Processing failure allows me to see areas of needed growth in myself. And while quick and easy success seems nice, the true test of any business is “can you be consistent, even when it is hard?”

Are you experiencing a failure in your business right now? If so, message me and let me know. I’d love to encourage and support. you.

Remember: Keep moving forward. Don’t quit. You got this, friend!