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Anyone else struggle with shiny object syndrome? Especially when it comes to choosing the right CRM, or email system, and what about the right project management tool to use?

Seriously...the world of systems can be very confusing and frustrating when you're just trying to figure out which tool is right for you to use.⁠The goal of systems and tools is to make your business better....and easier on you, too.⁠⁠

So how exactly do you figure out what system or tool to use for your business?⁠

Do your research.

Seriously, there are TONS of videos and articles out there comparing systems. Want to know the difference between Dubsado and Honeybook? There’s a bajillion videos! Start here by doing some google searches. Read up and watch some tutorial videos. Also, many of the system owners themselves have made videos on YouTube which are great resources when trying to decide which system to go with.

Seek advice…within reason.

Reach out and ask for the opinion of your peers on the systems you’re considering. But be careful…sometimes these opinions can overwhelm you and cause more confusion. Many times, I have seen silly fights break out over differing opinions of systems in a Facebook thread. Instead of posting in a large group online asking questions, consider reaching out to a small group of your trusted peers

Pick the one that is best for your and your business.

The most important thing when deciding on a system or tool to use is to pick one that suits you and your business. Some will try to convince you otherwise. But choose one that suits you! If you’re going to be setting it up and managing it yourself, this is especially important. Picking one that is too complicated for your business because someone told you that it is a MUST have is just silly. Start small and work your way into the more complicated systems as your business grows.

Cheering you on as you build an amazing business and get it systemized!