My 4 Favorite Places to Find Stock Photos For Your Business

Do you run an online business and struggle to find beautiful photos to share in your social media posts? You're not alone. I wouldn't consider myself a great photographer, so I love using stock photos to enhance my social media posts (on Instagram, for example).

Below I am going to share with you my five favorite places to find stock photos for your business. These are the absolute best and have the greatest variety of photos for your business!

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The Ivory Mix

This is one of my FAVORITES. I adore Ivory Mix's beautiful photos. They align with my simple + classic/beautiful design needs. She also has a free monthly pack that she sends via email once you sign up to receive her newsletter. WELL worth it, in my opinion.

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Haute Chocolate

Another gorgeous, feminine options for stock photos is Haute Chocolate. Much like The Ivory Mix, you can sign up to receive access to free stock photos via email subscription. You can also pay for a membership to get even MORE stock photos! These are more feminine and girly photos than The Ivory Mix, so if that is your jam, check out Haute Chocolate! 

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Death to Stock Photo

A more neutral option for stock photos can be found at Death to Stock Photo. This group is one of the first I started using when I began blogging over four years ago. I love their travel + nature shots the best. They offer a wide variety of shooting styles + photo pack options. In addition, they offer both a free monthly pack (via newsletter sign up) or a premium membership option, where you can have access to more photos.

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Finally, Pexels is a fantastic option to search for a huge array of photos. If you're looking for something specific, they have a search bar option, which I love. You can also sign up for monthly photos to be delivered to your email inbox. If you aren't sure you want a specific pack of photos, and are only needing a specific style or type, this is a wonderful option to use!

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What is your favorite place to find stock photos for your business? I am always looking for new share them in the comments!!!