What are systems, anyways?!

One of the most important questions I get as an online business manager is about systems. Is it a thing or a process? Do I need to spend money on investing in these for myself, or hire someone else, or is this a DIY thing?

The honest answer is: it is both/and. (I know that can be annoying sometimes!)

Systems are both processes that make your business run smoothly and automatically AND they involve online software/websites/etc that can make those processes happen.


Processes are something that is written down - a list of steps that you do for a specific part of your business that happens regularly. For example, you most likely already have a process in your mind for bringing on a new client into your business. It may look something like this:

  • Send invoice and contract to the new client

  • Once the invoice is paid and the contract is signed, send the new client a welcome email with calendar link to schedule first strategy call

  • Add current client tag

  • Add the new client to the mailing list

  • Set up a recurring invoice for the new client

  • Follow up with the new client in three days

That is just a sample of something you can write up/set up for a new client who is coming into your business. Doing something like this can take the guesswork out of completing tasks in your business that happens all the time.

In addition, you will most likely need some software/websites/etc to help you complete these processes. These can include a project management tool (like Trello or Asana) or a Customer Relationship Manager tool (like Dubsado or Freshbooks). I personally love Dubsado because I can capture a lead/potential new client and go through the entire onboarding process automatically without lifting a finger!

Do you already have some ideas in mind for creating a written process to help automate your business? I’d love to hear them! Send me a note to let me know what you’re gonna be working on!

Hope you’re enjoying a happy new year. Blessings to you as you grow your business!