Treat your self towards growth in your business by implementing self-care!


Taking care of myself is a huge struggle for me. Anyone else relate?!

I find that, as a wife, mom, and business owner (who helps others move their business forward), I really suck at finding time to take care of myself AND grow my own business.

I'm finding, however, that growing your business and taking care of yourself HAVE to go together.

When you grind, hustle, and work constantly, you really lose the best part of yourself and your creativity.

When you set boundaries and take some time for yourself - whether that is spending time alone, or with friends and family - you're giving yourself the gift of mental clarity.

So how on earth do you even begin to do this?

Take baby steps. Begin with taking five minutes alone to just breathe. Or schedule a date with your spouse/partner. Take that hot bath at the end of a long day. Go get your nails done. Enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

Whatever helps to make you feel better and helps you return to yourself a little bit.

When you do this, you free up your mind and gain some clarity. This can lead you to being able to make more consistent, appropriate decisions about your own business.

When you’re feeling good, you’ll come up with the best ideas which can lead to breakthrough.

When you’re in the middle of overwork and overwhelm, your productivity and quality of work will suffer greatly.

So, start taking care of yourself my friend. It isn’t just about being good to yourself (although that is an important first step), but you can also make a huge impact on your business long term!